Friday, August 6, 2010

Who is dreaming this dream?

It is long overdue, however perfect in its timing, that I write a proper blog. I can hear the impatient playful fingertips of my closest friends from here. First, I´ll just cap off the highlights of the sequence of events that have taken place in my story so far... And as a side note, for those of you by thewith an education in writing, please consider that I do not claim to be a writer, (although paradoxically I am) and I like to make up locutions as I go.

California, my love 
The first leg of my travels was a flight into San Diego where I reunited with a fellow belovéd earth ambassador iTom Lab. We galloped around for a couple weeks, playing with raw food, burritoes and hot sauces; as well as hit up some entrancing beach spots. It was here that I realized that there was no going back to my hometown to live. Connections with one of my ancient soul tribes were remembered and grounded again in the physical dimension and it is here that I originally felt pulled to begin a temporary nest after my central america travels. It is of paramount importance and with a high level of excitment that I am able to share the next half of this cali journey. My anchor in coming to California was to have a private session with my most beloved teacher and friend, Bashar. I find it easy to say the mostcherished because in fact, the way these sessions work is Bashar taps into my own higher self and wraps the responses in the flavor of his personality, his society. Of course there are exceptions, but that is why I have always felt so deeply connected to the teachings. Because, holographically, it is my permission slip to listen in a more physical way to my own higher mind. So that definitely went down and shifted many many things in my belief systems. I was put in touch with one of my hybrid children (if you do not know what I speak of, and are interested, just message me and I´ll be happy to break it down), Pearl. The triangular necklace I am wearing is actually a very real telempathic connection to her consciousness and she is helping me to remember the interactions I am having with my galactic family and angels as well as other hybrid children. You may notice that the pendant is actually Mother of Pearl, and the piece was practically given to me (thank you iTom). So a long story short, I was given a few glimpses of the intergalactic goodies to come on my central american journey, and they are unfolding ever so orchidly. 

The next phase of my trip placed me in Antigua, Guatemala, a quaint little town surrounding by breathtaking mountains and the large powerful Volcano Pacaya. My friend showed me around the city for a few days and provided a beautiful space for me to sleep outside overlooking Mt. Agua. The first night I slept under the moist open sky of Guatemala, I looked up over the misty mountains and cognized my first memory of a spacecraft sighting. That is to say, I saw a friggin UFO! Snap! just like that. It was very close, a saucer like shape with yellow, green, orange red and blue lights around the bottom. I could have gone home happy with that experience alone, given that I actually had a home or desire to do so. The day after that was that full moon eclipse planetary alignment grand cross big whopperoo thing and was also the day a stranger to me at the time (mind you, that has had no prior experience in channeling nor knowledge of ETs or the Association of Worlds) started to channel a being that came specifically to speak with me about my mission and the sighting. More to be shared as things are still being pieced together around the bi-location that occured in the instant I saw the craft. They are Pleiadian and I was definitely on board the ship. Why, I have yet to remember, but I´m embracing the fascinating mystery of it all.

The Twelver. The Twelvist.
Lake Atitlán
Having been in Guatemala only a few days, I journeyed southwest to an area known as the Highlands of Guatemala to the famous Lago de Atitlán. This place is a pure spectral sphere of transcendental eye candy. Its known for its three volcanos that surround its serene green-blue waters and the amiable towns that are interconnected, yet distinctly energetically different. I chose to stay in San Marcos for a full lunar cycle, full moon to full moon, at Las Pirámides del Ka. This is a meditation center with pyramid structures and cabins, and a large dreamy pyramid Temple. Here we practiced yoga in the mornings, attended a short metaphysical themed lecture in the late morning, and meditated together in the evening. I was honored to be here in the time of the Temple´s 19th birthday, which also happened to be a New Moon lunar eclipse over Chile. That day, we spoke no words, ate no solid food and wore all white. At the ceremony, the teacher facilitator of the Atlantean teachings the temple is based upon, channeled and spoke in the language of the spirit. I have no idea what the hell she said, but it was super duper awesome and I was blissing out all over that place. 

from just outside my room at 3am... they called me out and as i retreated back into dream world, they pulled me up into this full moon.
We studied techniques for lucid dreaming and conscious astral travel. We studied, briefly, astrology and the ancient teachings of Atlantis known as the Iniciatic System. I could really write several chapters of a book on my experiences here, and I already have and will continue to do so, but for the sake of a recap, I´ll generalize. I was shown my mission in this life by my higher self through my writing. I was also given a swift kick in the ass to get my act together in the physical realm and get a job. Better yet, to choose a craft to master. How lucky is it that this was my intention going in and that I actually have a clear idea of what this is? I blipped back to a simple little Bashar saying... that our passion is something that we do because it is who we are, and we have no other choice! So the last week, the retreat, was cultivated in complete silence and liquid fasting. This is the week that I decided and synchronicity showed me elegantly what it is I´m going to come back and work with. Living foods. All spectrums of the entity. From growing the food, wild foraging, to medicinal herbs and the essential nutritional knowlege, to the culinary art and perfecting a simplistic preparation of it. I´m looking into schools, but to take action in the now, I have manifested a gig working the Raw Spirit Festival and subsequently living on the farm of that operation. Check check and check. I´m so on it, its just too easy.

Mayan ruins of Tikal
This one definitely deserves two chapters in the book, that is writing itself now. How do I share without ruining, pun intended, the surprise and mystery of this experience? I suppose by lightly mentioning the immense power of this ancient place that sanely induces a transcendental light show behind eyelids when you become still and silent; and rocks you hard and fast with jungle rain, mosquitos and heat. I chose to spend two nights here in my tent. The first night with my Australian traveling companion, Leah, who I met at the pyramids; the second day and night alone. I rendezvoused with a beautiful wild turkey, soaked up stories from the staff of mystical happenings at the sites, watched spider monkeys play, meditated on my pineal (p-in-earl!) gland, lucid dreamed longer than ever before, danced on top of temples, was soaked to the bone with a rainstorm on the towering mama jaguar temple and gazed into the milky way for an entire night of Eternity.

Here is where I crown this catch up session with a sudden and loving good night. It´s late and the hostel is quieting down so I must go. As much love as I can muster is being poured into this note and into your being. I am so utterly grateful to exist and know how true this love can be. See you in dreamtime kiddos....