Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ode to a Hummingbird

Ode to a Hummingbird,

The perfect purr of your sonic wingsong evokes my incorrigible affection.
Your arrival signifies the drumming heartbeat of accelerating fourth density,
and your shiny wisps of aerial speed demand my immediate attention.
My world wanes to slow down and suspends in your celestial glue.

Mindful and rhythmically present to continuum in your timelessly focused presence,
the corners of my lips ascend, and my gaze is magnetically locked on your frame.
I feel honest and childlike as I watch you watching me, showing off your beautiful wings.

In your curious nature, you teach me to feel innocent and purposeful at the same time.

You show up on cue in my dream within a dream as a master of transformation.
Your cute little chirp: a suggesting gong of "wake up sleepy head, and re-member".
You teach me to reach impossibly fast for the nectars of this world,
And to drink them while flying in golden mean timing; a singular formation of my own accord.

You are a numerical reminder to emerge from my human cocoon of comfort,
So that I might transform into the benevolent butterfly you say you see me to be.
Smiling at you as I always do, knowing that I am perfect and this is enough.
That I am enough.

And as quickly as you arrived, you dash away on your mission.

I love you, sweet hummingbird teacher.
I will not miss you. I cannot miss you.
You are me, whole and complete; and I am missing no-thing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spinning Onward

There have been numerous inquiries into where I am these days and what I'm doing.. So I thought I'd straighten the said question marks into exciting little exclamation points in one swift swoop! I'll begin with declaring my state of gratitude for quality of life I have been blessed to co-create with my higher self and all of you. There would be no need or desire for me to write if there was no one to receive and learn with these expressions. So thank you immensely for energetically holding the space for me to sing this digital song.

I am finely nestled into the terra rosa enchantment of Sedona, Arizona.  This place is absolute and I have no doubt a spectral spiral of some of Gaia's most picturesque vortical energy spots.  I am now an ocean floor dweller of what was once, linearly speaking, in ancient times (Lumeria and Atlantis) an aquatic arena of our cetacean brethren.  I will not attempt to be an expert on the vortex energies of this red earth canyon, but I will certainly share from a perspective of experience.  And I say unto thee, this location doth painteth a high degree of timeless dream quality and reverie.  I feel I have been vortexed in.  Not only to this place, which is a hot spot for identified friendly objects and roving interdimensional portals, but to this surrogate family, the Macauley Noells.  I am taking a break from an assignment as Miss Macauley's personal assistant to write this blog in fact.  I can't begin to tell you how difficult the tasks are.  I am a slave to this woman's relentless support of acting on my highest excitement *gasp!*  Its terrible... All day long I have to research topics like inner earth beings, the Montauk Chair, time travel, martians, Atlantis, white holes, the Annunaki, DNA etc etc...  And in addition to all this boring and hard work (wink wink) I have to make all this raw food with love and intention.  Oh the humanity!

Were I to take full advantage of my surrounding abundance each day, it would (and mostly does) look like this:  I would, and do, awake to the gentle buzz of the hummingbirds (or espresso machine singing the song of the adrenal march - which sometimes sounds like a native american flute, I might add).  I mosey just a few short steps outside and into the radiant rising sun, shedding its light on a wonderfully sculpted morning aLuna face and hairdo.  I lie on warm blades of grass while I tell my iTouch stories of other worlds and lucid adventures from the delta dreamtime.  After all has been remembered and archived I visit bell rock vortex, said by a Pleiadian source to be the main vortex in Sedona.  Here I spin tetrahedrons of eternities in my heart, pink and green forever and ever and ever.  I hike with no shoes because I've decided that I prefer a real earth connection and dirty red feet over the soft and delicate skin of cosmopolitan aspirations.  My ankles grow stronger every day.  I run to the spa, where I have a free family pass, which happens to be the perfect 15 minute cardio session.  Here I get my fitness activation on and blaze endogenous opioid peptides (endorphins).  With a red pulsing face of blood oxygenation, I blast intentional chanting rockets into the cosmos in the superacoustalunatical steam room (hey hey Keller fans).  That my friends is the best wake and bake I have ever known, although I have never been much of a green smoker anyhow.  I return to the layer of the goddess, where the address in numerology is literally 13:13, fresh, fit, meditated and ready to begin the aforementioned research and simultaneous belief system management.  My most ingenuous obstacle to being productive in this creative format is the black hole time suck of facebook.  Could be worse, hey?  When I am in the flow, I am creating a *fantasy novel, that is writing itself, based upon the real metaphysics and timeless teachings of great master teachers  (*none of it is fiction, its all true).

Financially, I have dipped further than the well goes in the travel savings department.  Indeed, nepotism is a wonderful thing.  My loving grandfather has supported me immensely.  The greatest thing about this scenario is that you can very well just call my bank account  the Kale Fund - because aside from chia, stevia and quinoa - that is my main expense.  :)  

As mentioned in the previous blog, I am sharing astrology reports for $15, at Heather's grace in using her system, so that is keeping the Kale Fund alive!  Thank you!  Also, the universe has dangled a job offer at,  you'll get a kick out of this one, the UFO Store in Sedona.  The owner says to me, "Hey, are you looking for a job?" I shrug and say "Nope."  "Are you sure?  I can come pick you up. Call me." So, its my understanding that this JOB involves talking to people about aliens and spacecraft all day, as well as taking them on vortex tours.  Hm.  Does that sound like something this aLuna would ever do!? ;) ;)  So we'll see how that plays out.  I'm open to trying it out as long as I can have my routine and expanding cultivation of self-awareness... which I most assuredly can and will.

Getting ready to go dancing to some more Brazilian beats and connect with some jedi lovemasters, off and on this planet.  Thank YOU for synchronizing to my abstract world of lucid blogging, and I bid thee and loving and warm gooooood day.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Destiny Reports

Greetings friendlings!

Have you ever heard of a Destiny Report? This is an ancient astrological system that represents personality archetypes, symbols of our personal expression that reflect with amazing accuracy important elements of our life.  It is represented through the conventional 52 card play.  This was a way of preserving the practice of astrology through the different eras of occult and esoteric.

I am super excited to offer this Destiny Report to you for $15.  All you need to do is this.  Send me your full name, date of birth and email address and I will get the specialized report to you...  Donate below and we will chat via facebook (Sarah ALuna) or email (  I personally resonate highly with this system and continually feel that its entirely on point.  So if you've ever been interested in learning about astrology and planetary rulings - this might be a perfect way for you to learn... through experience of its accuracy!!  To read more about this, visit my fiend Heather's page:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Telempathic aLunacy

The following is an rant I had with myself today between desert rainstorms and marketing emails...  I thought I'd share a little of my humorous aLunacy simply for the entertainment value... Here is a tidbit of my trying to figure this whole earth life thing out...processing as it were, but with a lightness that can be felt.

So maybe language isn't always the best way to express oneself.  I feel more expressive when my body is moved by music.. or during the intensity of an eye gazing session.  Words are indeed powerful, yes, but they are diversions from what we are really trying to relay, which I believe is always love.  I feel more telepathic communication from people than I do the words they spew.  When I spend a lot of time with a particular person, I find that I feel their desires and goals in life, if they are activated strongly enough that is.  God willing, I will hold the space in my aura enough to be clean of others' missions and really hone my own.  In case you hadn't noticed, *looks around with a sense of secrecy* We are highly telepathic beings... Just pointing out the obvious.

And now I'd like to debate with myself a bit hereafter rereading these last statements regarding language and words.  Words are a perfectly valid form of expression and sometimes they serve a much greater purpose than a dance or a telempathic glance.  What I am saying will make my reality so...  aren't I using words to relay this message to myself?  How insane can this human psyche get, I mean really... I am very literally arguing with myself in a blog.  This is hilariously bizarre, and I'm going to flow with it.  So now that I've regained my lucidity as a master reality creator, I'd like to make it known to myself that I am aware and conscious of where I place my intellectual footing.  It does not serve one to excessively ramble about the abstract possibilities that exist within the mind.  Instead, it serves to be enlightened.  To meditate and become meditation.  Of course I am not saying in any form that I am enlightened, but I am saying there is a seed that has begun to sprout in my heart that is magnetizing this path to me and me to it.  

 We can talk about ________ all day, but until its become a personal experience, the love vibration of god cannot fully permeate it.  My mind is being fine tuned and prepared for samadhi and beyond everyday, and I feel its presence in my meditations more and more each time.  Twice a day, as the recent Dr. Lenz prescribed.  So get yourself on a healthy diet of meditation and mindfulness, unconditional love and compassion.  You can add some high vibrational food in the mix somewhere, and after digesting, maybe go on a run or do some sit ups.  Feel good about where you are in your life and don't pine for being somewhere else.  Because, it is likely that if you were to come here to usher humanity into your version of light as the proverbial enlightened master, then you would have done so at age 20.  Don't try so hard to be a leader.  Step off that solar plexus a bit to serve and soothe the heart.  You can seek enlightenment, and when you are relaxed enough in your seeking, your teacher will find you.  This treasure hunt of jaguar mentor and enlightened teacher is stirring up some emotions of resentment for the beauty that surrounds you already and the array of counsel you have at your fingertips.  You will find one another in synchronicity and that appointment will be met.  Relax and enjoy the luxury of this timespace hologram you're in.  Its meant to be enjoyed, not looked past as a means to and end.  You already said it, your favorite part about the journey is the journey.  But feeling so human can sometimes be eluding.  Sometimes I feel like I am lost in a fog of unattachment.  Its as though I don't know what I want.  And then I remember..I am re-minded by you.. to sit back down and create the space for god to fill in my meditation.  I remember that I am eternal and that this world is really truly just another dream.

So you (meaning me, talking to myself here) hold the idea of enlightenment in your heart, love it, nurture it and the journey will certainly take you there if you let go, unattached, and enjoy.  The journey is far from serious and far from difficult.  Although, yes, it is not easy to look at this world and love it with your whole heart and have to kiss it goodbye every other passing moment.... but this is possibly the poetry of expanded awareness that Rumi writes of; Because you don't claim any of it.  That as soon as you feel like you've got a handle on it, it slips away, gently and peacefully.  Its not yours to claim.  

As you can see, there is no real form to this rant, because all I did was just let go and my fingers did the rest.  I hope it made some kind of sense, but if it didn't, I don't really mind.  Literally, no mind.

There is still a stream, I'm still rowing gently and merrily and this sure does look a lot like a dream.  <3