Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ancient Future Alien Language

Bashar is a sassanian contact specialist, and pilot, whose ship is currently above Sedona, Arizona.  He has been one of my guides since forever and continues to illuminate the good stuff.  Chanting these words or simply using them at all activates a particular frequency and connection with these guys... and the symbols represented below dial in various galactic energies.  Just laying the groundwork...


Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet Surrender

I am knee deep in this process and so I'm taking some time out to post this and going right back into it. A charge has come up for me that seemed to be externally insignificant and actually quite silly, but I have allowed myself to move past the appearance and truly feel the charge. It put me in touch with a very desperate part of my ego and I recognized the need to share my experience with one of my close friends. Her reflection was so perfect because she allowed me to be in that state without trying to fix anything (thank you dakota).  

Note: As a friend, this is truly one of the greatest gifts one can receive. Someone who can hold space for you to be who you need to be, and not invalidate your experience by trying to fix anything. Allowing the natural course of suffering to flow and turn itself into joy once the charge has been neutralized.

So through my hilarious realizations of my process, I asked the Universe to please give me more specific directions. The song "Sweet Surrender" was then momentarily turned up to full blast in the restaurant... And this is where it has lead me so far. For Bashar to say "this really is, in a sense, the most important, the most fundamental principle of all the things that we have ever discussed..." is pretty significant. I STRONGLY SUGGEST you ch-ch-check it out!

B:  All right, I'll say good day to you, this day of your time. How are you all?

Audience:  Great, Perfect, Good!

B:  Let us begin, once again, by thanking you for co-creating this transmission and allowing our civilization to experience you in this way. Recently, during our last transmission through this window to you, we began to speak about the idea of surrender.  This is one of the most important concepts that we can share with all of you.  It is the concept that will, in a sense, sum up all the other tools and techniques we have discussed with you, put them to best use by bringing them all under the umbrella of the concept of surrender.  So we will continue with this idea, so that there will  be enough opportunities for each and every one of you to understand how to apply, how to use this idea in your lives to your benefit, to create, to allow profound change  in a direction that is reflective of the infinite possibilities that you are.  So, you must first of all remember that when we talk about the idea of surrender, we are not talking about the idea of invalidating who you are, rather just the opposite.  We are talking about total validation of who you are, what you are, what you were created to be.

Surrender, in your language, in the sense that most people on your planet usually use it, means that in some senses the kind of giving up that you do goes hand in hand with losing something of yourself, giving away something, giving your power over; this is not what we mean by surrender in this context.  What we mean here is the stopping,  the  cessation of trying to be who you think you need to be and the beginning of simply allowing yourself to be who you are, to surrender the personality game, to give up the personality game that you have been taught for many years to think that you were supposed to play.  And in letting that go, in giving it up, in surrendering it, then actually allowing yourself to be what you were created to be, which is in the image of the Infinite. Which means you are created to be unlimited possibilities and, thus, then when you surrender the limiting personality mask that prevents you from seeing that you are Infinite being, that you are unlimited possibilities. When you give that up, you are then allowing the universe, which is a mirror, to reflect, not just the limited personality that you think you are supposed to be, but instead to reflect the unlimited possibilities that you actually are and to allow your life, as we said before, to become an infinite series of miraculous circumstances because that is what you are, miracles of Creation.

And as we said, remember, you are Creation itself, you are the act of creation, you are the event of creation itself.  So to surrender to life, to surrender to Creation, to surrender to the Infinite, no matter by what name you wish to call it, it doesn't matter, by so doing, you are surrendering to your true nature and allowing your reality automatically to show you the miracle of creation that you are. And, thus, then, your reality in physical linear terms can represent the miracle that you are by a continuous series of synchronicities that always support you, that benefit you, allow you to experience expanded creativity and abundance.

Remember, please, that this is physics not just a nice idea, not just pretty words. When we talk about the idea of surrendering, we are talking about one of the most profound acts of love, self-love, creation that you can do. And in so, finally, just letting go, just stopping all the trying, all the struggling, all the striving of what you think you are supposed to do, in order to quote/unquote,  "Have what you think you are supposed to have." When you give all that up, when you finally just get so tired of trying to be who you think you are supposed to be and give up because you just get so tired of trying to push this that way, pull this this way, and make things fit, and make thing things fall into place, and make things work, when you finally get so tired of doing all that pushing and pulling, when you finally give it all up and let go, then, then the miracles happen, then you can experience life for what it is, unlimited possibilities.

So, remember when you surrender your personality, when you let go and you give it up, you are surrendering to life, you are surrendering to the Infinite, you are surrendering to your true self. You are not losing anything, you are nor giving your power away.  You are once and for all, finally, allowing yourself to actually be who you are, your natural self, your true self.

We will continue to work with each and every one of you in this manner and on this principle because this really is, in a sense, the most important, the most fundamental principle of all the things that we have ever discussed. And every other thing, every other tool, every other technique, every other idea we have ever discussed with each and every one of you will all fall under this notion of surrender.  For if you do not allow yourself to be who you are then, really, anything else that we have discussed will not really be fully allowed to function for you, to work for you, in the biggest most expansive way that it possibly could.  You might see little successes here and there, little glimpses here and there, but without the surrender you're really, again, working in pieces through the personality which is limiting and this is not what each and every one of you have said you want life to be.

So let us begin, day by day, step by step, to just let go, to trust, to not care so much, worry so much and, again, we do not mean 'care' in the sense of no longer do you care for people; we do not mean it that way.  But to stop caring and worrying so much about the things you think you are supposed to do and the way you think you are supposed to do them. But just let life show you who you are, and let life show you how you can unfold in miraculous ways.

We thank you, once again, for allowing us, in this transmission, to remind you of the importance and the power of surrender and letting go.  And in return for the gift, once again, that you are giving to us in allowing us to experience you in this exchange, I ask in return, what way may I now be of service to you?

Audience:  Bashar! Bashar! Bashar!

B:  And to you, good day.