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Cleaning it up & up!

Salutations to all of you out there, in here.  A quick update in the aLunaverse...

I had/am having quite the intense detox.  (I have been following Donna Gates "Body Ecology Diet" for some time now)  I am feeling very different in my body.  I can feel the energy meridians that are being stimulated as well as the visceral current.  I'm finding myself in the midst of that compression phase of transformation.  One that has me withdrawing a bit in order to relax and fuse together the changes.  Its been a bit of a challenge because my energy has accelerated so quickly and I want it to keep growing exponentially the way it has been.  Since this is all self imposed from my own consciousness it is extremely apparent to be in the flow and know that despite the dipping flux, I am always swiftly on the rise.

My meditation/concentration practice has taken a hit as well because I have been so fatigued - taking several naps a day.  My adrenals are on the come back from daily caffeine use and it feels like the inner ecology of the body is cohesively healing.

photo of the beautiful and inspiring Magdalena Beata W-Fire
And I'm pleased to see that my ideal body image is emerging.  Rapidly in fact.  As much as I'd like to attribute it to my "hard work" and discipline, its clear that its more the devotion to attaining higher states of awareness, which go hand in hand (for me) with a routine and healthy intake of food and water.

Aside from all the cleansing excitement, I'm taking dance and viola lessons!  I can read music in the treble clef but the Viola is actually in alto clef so I'm like a baby again... *coo*  The dance is good for my technique and my instructor, Luna Breeze, is a hoot!  Aside from the muscle memory flow, I am learning the value of body awareness on all levels.  Every movement with consciousness.  Mmmmmm... And I do love it.

created by ITom Lab
One last rant before I sign off.  There is no reason to force yourself to be a certain way if you are not there yet.  It is crucial to go within and clean up your inner house first.  Many humans are afraid to open their eyes and see what needs to be cleaned up.  Then they walk around insisting that it is clean and trip all over things blindly.  The act of cleaning, which is really just being completely honest with yourself, may not seem like it would be pleasant but it is actually a blast!  Especially if you have cultivated sacred relationships that you've allowed yourself permission within to laugh.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Let yourself be magnetically drawn into this.  Don't force it.

Coming to you from the up and up... ciao!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This world is a dreamscape...

More dreamy enlightenment crafts for essential reality creation refining from Zen Master Rama.  Percolate on this and allow it to sink deep deep into you...

You are not what you seem to be. You are one of God's endless dreams in search of wakefulness. Meditation is wakefulness.

Reality does appear to exist, there does appear to be birth, youth, people appear to have children. But all of it's a dream. These are isolated moments that are only connected by perception. There is no separation.

Dreams are real. This is unreal. This world is unreal. Everybody has it backwards. This is the dream. This is an insubstantial pageant. Nothing here lasts - that is how you know it's the dream.

How do you know you're even here right now? Perhaps you're not. Perhaps you're far, far away and this is just a dream. 

The idea is easy to understand.  All of life is a dream. You have dreamed everything that you are and everything you are aware of.

You are asleep and have forgetten that you are dreaming. You mistakenly believe you are awake.

You have dreamed me into your dream to awaken you from the dreams of life, death and separativity.

You certainly do have strange dreams.

You must first realize that you are in a dream.  Then you must realize that your current dream is a nightmare.

You need to dream nicer dreams.  I come from a world that is a much nicer dream.

We are not really separate beings of light. That's a dream we are having, the dream of multiplicity. Meditation takes us beyond the moment to eternal awareness.

We dream forever unless we awaken. We move from one dream to another, some beautiful, some we're the hero or the heroine, some horrible, some nonsensical, some boring.

All the lives we ever lead are only dreams, these walking moments, that look so solid to you when you consider yourself awake, are just dreams.

We've decided what we are. That's the dream. When the dream fades, it's not that we don't exist. How could we not exist since we never existed?

Life is a series of dreams, a series of interlocking awarenesses.

What you have known of this life so far is only a dream, a slim dream at that. As one who has traveled greatly in theworlds, I can assure you there is much to see and much to become.

There are other times. There are other adventures. There are other dreams .

Who is that is dreaming all of this? Ecstasy, pure ecstasy, joy beyond understanding, bliss beyond the dry dullness of the mind's philosophical ranging, light beyond any light in this world - The substance and the essence of all existence is this light, the transcendental light.

The perceiver of the dream, the one whom the dream is unfolding before, is what we call the Self.

The dreams of the Self are manifold and endless and they exist in all the myriad worlds and conditions that appear to have solidity. 

The ten thousand states of mind are hallucinatory. Hallucinations are real. Dreams are real. But there are some things more real.

When we dream, we create. All of life is a dream or a series of waking dreams. We dream our surroundings.  We dream our friends, our relations. We dream our bodies. We dream our dreams.

I think that the world ended a long time ago and no one realizes it. We're in a dream somewhere in a vortex of energy that just hasn't realized its nonexistence yet.

Seriously, I think that the world is always ending and always beginning at every moment.

Everybody goes into different dimensional planes. You do it every night when you dream. You are journeying into other dimensional planes. Dreams are not just functions of the cerebral cortex.

When you're dreaming at night, something seems very real, but when you wake up the dream is gone and so is all that apparent solidity.

When we wake up in the morning and we make decisions, these decisions come from the night, the night of eternity, our other side.

The Indians in the Southwestern United States went to many places of power. They were able to have profound dream experiences where they could see into the future or know what do to and make proper decisions.

Will something else. Have dreams and believe in them. They don't have to come true. They are just as true as a dream is. Life itself is a dream.

Dreams are just silly things that pass through your mind at night. "Dreaming" is out-of-the-body experiences where you are traveling through the different dimensions - most of which you don't remember.

Some astral dimensions are bright and filled with ecstasy. Advanced cosmic beings live in them. But there are also very dark astral dimensions, often inhabited by beings that are filled with hate and despair.

A great deal of energy is lost in the study by people who interact with non-physical beings. They get into your mind and your body by approaching you in the dream plane, promising you powers, playing on your desires. They sap your life force.

Entities can see a certain amount because they are outside of the physical dimensional plane.

They might see that you are going to meet a beautiful woman or a beautiful man. They will come to you in dreams and tell you this is going to happen because of them.

Who do you think of first in the morning?  Good manipulators do it in the dream plane. The morning practice of meditation increases the aura to ward of negative energy.

Where you live is important. It is where you dream. You lose or gain a tremendous amount of energy there.

It's very important where you live. Because where you live, the energies make it easier or more difficult to dream. In certain places dreams are very manifest and very strong. So you should always pick a place to live that's good to dream in. One of the best places to dream is by the ocean.

In dream yoga we use the etheric double and go beyond the confines of the physical, it's very ecstatic.

You can move in and through the astral worlds once you have gained control of your subtle body.  The astral worlds are the back corridors of eternity!

The astral dimensions afford you opportunities to have experiences and gain insights into the structural nature of how dimensions are made up and phased together.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Humility centered in paradox

I am repackaging some ancient truths in my own flavor of locutions.  Here are some recent ideas that have been bouncing around my reality. So, we know that paradox is essentially the balance point between two seemingly contradicting or polar ideas.  In truth, we embody all of them simultaneously.  To draw upon a perspective given to us by extraterrestrial contact specialist Bashar, we are most powerful when we stand within the polarities perfectly balanced.

Many years ago a friend of mine asked me if I see myself as a woman or a girl.  Without hesitation I answered "a girl".  I recently asked myself that question again and I feel like I am on the fulcrum of these two definitions.

Here's a brief snapshot of myself as "a girl".  Skip this  paragraph if you are not interested in my memories of this particular parallel reality self that I am right now.  When I was a young girl I was very much focused on doing the right things to prepare me for life.  At age nine, when the lady of the house decided to part with her physical body, I began cooking the family dinner, cleaning, doing the laundry, ironing, reading and writing music, being a gymnast, doing all kinds of body contortions, swimming like a champ, playing tackle football with the boys, sewing clothing, and writing stories about interdimensional doorways (at the time I called them Holes).  As I grew into the teenage years, though, I pretty much said "fuck this"; I partied hard and attracted many challenging relationships and ideas about myself.  Around the age of 18 I began my study into metaphysical concepts and began a weak meditation practice.  My partying had already taken on a new face that included psychedelics (which I still do) music festivals and lots of whiskey.  Splashed up in tie-dye with the grateful dead playing the background, I meandered conversations about aliens, veganism & enlightenment with a drink in one hand a cigarette in the other.  Hahaha this is a funny piece to be writing and sharing.  I was so off to a good start and then I flickered into a reality where I became this perfectly confused infusion of empathetic descension... And then a flowering occurred.  Like a shiny new pearl, I shine in my current reality like never before.  Unprecedented is this beauty I now know myself to be.

I have come to resonate deeply with the teachings of many great masters through my time here.  Two of my favorites that are alive today are Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, of the Oneness University in India.  They are responsible for bringing on a wave of "oneness blessings", also known as deeksha, to western culture.  There have been many reported heightened experiences of awakening and even some of enlightenment while using these tools and energy.  One such teaching is the recognition of how much energy we lose by trying to be the perfect self.  Where we lose a lot of our power is the gap between who we are right now and who we think we should be.  The balancing of this could be summed up in one word.  Humility.  The courage to honor where you are in your evolution, truly with integrity and to be honest about it.  Open humility, also known as external integrity, is a powerful tool for transformation and is the basis for most of my excitement in writing.  Though, I think I've spent enough time explaining why I write this blog, this is exactly what I have been doing.  Transparency on an external level in order to crystallize the vibration.  Writing is a form of processing, and also a form of storing power (so says the wonderful and talented Zen Master Rama).

Ahh... and yet the era of processing is coming to a beautiful close in my world and I am stepping onto a plane of conviction and humility.  Processing can be simply a delay tactic and the processes themselves are just permission slips to become the outcome, which is instantaneous.  Permission slips are not necessary and simultaneously they are extremely powerful.  It is so so sweet to be in this paradox.

Man I don't know if this makes any coherent correlation but it just pours out and becomes perfectly put together, in my own insane little way.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Women and Enlightenment

The following is a talk given by Zen Master Rama about women and their enlightenment.  The first time I read this and applied the teachings to the best of my current ability, I experienced an unprecedented lucidity of mind and witnessed my own previously unconscious acts of psychic manipulation.  Since then I have shared this teaching with many of my sister goddess tribe and they have reported immense shifts in their energies.  This is equally important for men to be aware of.  iNJOY, apply and become.


Why don't more women attain enlightenment

I observe that more evolved souls are now reincarnating as women. Women find it easier to meditate and easier to develop their psychic abilities.

Enlightenment comes through the feminine side of the being.

The most important problem for our world to solve is the inequality of men and women.

When women come into their full power, a balance will occur which has not been seen for so long that no one remembers it.

Until women assume their rightful place on earth there will never be an end to wars, cruelty and oppression.

A species divided against itself will eventually fall.

If global extinction is to be avoided, woman must unite and come to terms with their destiny.

If even one woman in the West were to become enlightened, it would change karmas on this planet.

The world has never had a greater need for enlightened women and men.

What is male and female? Is it just a physical condition? No. The energy runs very, very differently in a woman than in a man.

What is a woman? A woman is chaos. Chaos is the naturally perfect state of all things.

A man, as we see in this world, is chaos, but he doesn't recognize that fact so he tries to bring order into everything. Order is disorder. Order creates disorder.

It is much easier for a woman to meditate than it is for men, innately. Their subtle physical bodies pick up the kundalini much more quickly.

Women vibrate at a slightly different rate that passes kundalini very easily. It is problematic though, because a woman also picks up negative energy, it affects her more.

There is something beyond the natural chaos that is woman or the chaos with implied order that is man, and that's the totality. To stay as we are, is not the issue, but to awake from the dream of life.

I don't work with men who are antagonistic to the liberation of women. I do work with quite a number of men who are supportive of the enlightenment of women. Such men are rare.

People always say, 'A good man is hard to find.' You've never heard that about women, have you?

It is equally easy, initially, for either a man or a woman to attain enlightenment, what we would call liberation or self-realization. 

It seems strange, since the aspect of a woman is power and that her subtle physical body conducts light very well, that more women don't attain enlightenment than men. I would suggest that the reason this is so, is cultural. 

Women have been denied access to advanced methods of self discovery throughout the ages.

The few women who have been admitted to the study are usually given a second-class status in which they are taught only the basics of self-discovery.

They are denied access to the more advanced techniques of releasing the kundalini energy, which bring about quantum leaps in self-awareness.

Many Eastern spiritual groups feel that women are not capable of enlightenment. They advise women to have sons and pray to be men in their next incarnations

Women have been systematically pushed out of spirituality by men. 

In the Bhagavad-Gita, a book that I revere and respect, it's indicated that even women, along with animals, are capable of attaining enlightenment. 

Historically men have suppressed women quite effectively. They have suppressed women since the beginning of our history.  

There's this absurd innate need in most men to feel that they're more powerful than women are, which is ridiculous. 

Women have been taught that they are not powerful; they've been given an opposite description, that they are weak. The word "effeminate" implies weakness. 

A lot of men hate women subconsciously or just are very confused about them or are afraid of them or are afraid of their power, or want to suppress them.

Men have reacted very negatively to the power that is inherent in women. 

They have rejected that power and sought to convince women of the exact opposite, that they are powerless.

They have done this through sexual repression, economic repression, political repression, social repression, ideological repression and spiritual repression. 

Men, through the ideas they have, project a field of attention that limits women.

Because they dream so strongly in themselves, their superiority and women's inferiority, they project an image that a woman finds very, very difficult to fight against. 

Consider a very natural process, menstruation, and how the association has been created in which this process is dirty, degrading.

Many religions over the years have suggested that when a woman is menstruating, she should be avoided and not touched.

In their confusion and delusion, men hate the womb that gives them birth.  Not all men, certainly , but enough men to run the world.

Men are suppressing woman politically, philosophically, socially, through denying them education, equal rights, equal employment, and just by setting up a description of the world in which a woman views herself as a vessel, as someone who's only there to have children, as someone who can't succeed, even spiritually. 

Up until now, women have depended completely upon men for their survival.  You're dealing with thousands of years of history, where sexual slavery was the condition. While suddenly the laws may change, to some extent, the conditioning doesn't go away that fast. 

Women have been dependent upon men for their survival, for the survival of their children.

A woman's place, her entire experience in life, has been and in many places still is dependent upon the man she marries. 

It's unfortunate that we see a great many women settling. They think that simply because they have gotten the right to vote, own property and have gained some simple freedoms that the battle for women's suffrage is over.

The male establishment power structure has not really changed its attitude towards women. They did not give these rights to women out of kindness. These rights were fought for by many highly evolved women who cared about the lives of their daughters and granddaughters.

When you wish to subjugate a people, you have to convince them of their own inherent weakness. 

The social repression and ideological repression of women began with depriving them of education, political decisiveness, mobility and essentially creating sexual slavery. 

Women have been sexual slaves for most of recorded history.

Women are the sexual slaves of men. They have been convinced that they are the "weaker" sex through a variety of manipulative devices in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

God is seen as a male whose first creation was another man, Adam, whom we are told was made in his image and likeness.

God then made the first woman, not directly out of his own substance, but from Adam's rib. Her purpose was to serve man.

Eve was blamed for the fall of man, and in return all women to come were to inheret her karmic responsibility for the so-called "fall of man". Their punishment was to experience pain in childbirth, and never be trusted by man or God again.

By asseting the creation myth, in which God is a man over ealier creation myths in which God was viewed as a woman, men hoped to prove that the position of supremacy that they had assumed was Divine Law.

With this imaginary mandate from God, men have not allowed women to be given the educational, religous and social freedoms that are necessary for women to free themselves and become all that they are capable of being.

Men fearing their innate power, pushed woman back into slavery.

In the case of the brujos, the sorcerers in Mexico, the Spanish Conquest forced them to develop their second attention.

 The second attention is the occult side of the being. It is the ability to manipulate others, be it for good or ill intent. 

Women have developed the second attention because they were repressed, because they were manipulated, because they were used as property, as chattel, historically, for thousands of years and still today. 

In order to survive women have developed their second attention, which men have not evolved. They use the second attention, and have used it most effectively, to manipulate men; it's a justifiable reaction that has been necessary for survival. 

What women have done is developed a survival mechanism, and it's a fascinating one and it's been effective and justified, in my opinion. That is the ability to manipulate mensexually.

Woman knowing this was not right but not knowing what else to do, developed the only means to fight for their survival that they had, since their survival was dependent upon men, and that was to use sexuality to survive. 

Women wrap men with their second attention.

What they have done over the centuries is evolve the fine use of sexual power.

It's everyday for a woman to project a very strong wave of sexual energy through her second attention into a man, for him to assume that the energy he feels is his own. 

Women developed it as an art. They've had to, in order to survive. The problem is that it limits you. You are in a controlling situation in duality.

Men are really not all that interested in sex. For most men, sex is a very simple experience. 

A young girl is taught through the example of other women how to manipulate a man.  She's absolutely correct in doing so because the job she will get, the man she will marry, the experiences she will have, are very much dictated by her ability to do so. 

As a woman experiment and observe. Observe yourself as you go through a day. You will be amazed to discover the number and variety of things you do just on the physical level to control, or at least pass without being hassled.

Consider your second attention as a spiritual perceiver. Consider how you use it.  You may plead innocence. You're not doing anything wrong. Don't feel that you've sinned. You have done what you had to do to survive, as did your mother, as did your grandmother.

Review your description of the world, what it is to be a woman, and see how inadequate it is. 

See how it's a philosophy that's been handed to you by a bunch of men who were afraid. So instead, they overcompensate with hatred and violence and repression.

Examine what you do and examine what other women do. Examine the dreams that men hold of you and how they force you in a corner, literally and figuratively.

Your very success is what's going to destroy you.  The survival mechanism that you've developed is the very thing which will cause the downfall of your subtle physical body.

Many women devlop the second attention, attract a great deal of sexual attention, and for many years, appear to be very vibrant and strong.

Then there will come a time where, very quickly, a woman will lose what some call her beauty.

She'll find rapid deterioration, which is particularly noticeable in the skin.This is the sign that the subtle physcial is aging.

All disease and aging occurs as the subtle physical body breaks down.

The problem is in the type of energy that is directed, either in the act of sex or simply walking down the street or talking to someone.

The attention that's being projected by men who simply watch you walking down the street, in the office, or in bed, in most cases, is going to be extremely destructive.

The sexual energies returned, when they're not evolved, are still linked with violence and the fear of power -- the fear of women.

These energies when directed towards the subtle physical body cause the subtle physical body to break down, to lose its lumonisity.

If it's not true love, then that energy will gradually wear the subtle physical down.

For men, it's necessary to push aside that marvelous ego that tells you that you are all knowing and capable, and see that you are not.

Much of the time your attention is directed towards the world of sexuality, it's done through the second attention of a woman - not simply in your physical presence but from thousands of miles away. 

The majority of times when a man thinks he has been the instigator, which men like to think, in sexual and romantic experiences, that has not been the case.

Women have allowed you to think that, which is a part of their inaccessibility in using their second attention. 

For men, it's absolutely essential to stop believing that they're superior to women because that very belief engenders ego, which sets them off-balance. Therefore, they don't realize that they're being manipulated by the second attention of woman because their ego won't permit them. 

What a man must do is realize that his continued belief in the inferiority of women is going to produce a type of karma that is going to hold him back, and already has. 
Men have learned the secret of unity. 

Women do not help each other attain enlightenment because in the description of the world they've been given, unlike that of men, it's every woman for herself in order to survive.

Your very own sister may take your husband away and your husband may be the ticket for economic survival. 

Observe how women defeat each other; whether it's simply for a promotion, for a husband, for survival, so she won't be beaten up in a relationship.  She has to now fear every other woman because every woman represents a threat to her.

If her security rests upon her alliance with a man, another woman may take that man away; therefore women have no unity between themselves. 

Sisterhood is powerful. Woman can support each other as women, in their pursuit for enlightenment or anything else, without fear. But as long as she's still in the commodities exchange market, buying and selling, she must fear the competition. 

It's necessary, sometimes, for women to embrace the company of other women even more than might seem normal. But there is no normal in this world.  Radical change is necessary to counterbalance what has occurred.

As a woman you must unite with other women for a while and perhaps even reject the world of men, just to balance yourself.

You must ban together with other women of like mind and for the first time find fellowship, womanship, without the need to compete, without having to climb to the top over each other.

In meditation you can erase the conditioning. But still, you have to fight the description of the world that everyone else is carrying around.

The average woman today is almost completely out of touch with her own power.

While notable advances in certain parts of the world in woman's rights have occured in the last hundred years, the centuries of conditioning and the mentality that views women as inferior still prevade our world today.

Women must work doubly hard to overcome their conditioning in order to become enlightened. They must erase both conscious and unconscious ideas of sexual inferority that have been programmed into their awareness.

Women have very powerful second chakras, and the goal is to move that energy up and use it.

Meditation erases conditioning. It allows a person to channel the kundalini energy through their subtle physical body and reach enlightened states of awareness.

Through the proper application of kundalini, a woman can quickly become aware of the tremendous power that resides inside herself and reach enlightenment.

For the first time, we live in a society that shows any sign of the possibility of women changing this condition.

Only until you rise above the use of the second attention for manipulation that you can enter into a consciousness in which there is enlightenment.

I'm not blaming men, I'm not blaming women.  What's gone by has already gone by. It's history.  It's done.  There is no right or wrong in higher spirituality.

I don't feel that men have been wrong. I don't feel that women are wrong for using their second attention to combat sexual repression.  That's just how it's been.

Today for the first time, at least in this country, you don't have to use those powers to survive.  Our societal structure now provides the possibility to survive without using sexual manipulation.

More men will continue to attain enlightenment than women, unless women change their use of the second attention.

You have developed the second attention much more than you realize and you use it more than you realize as a woman.  That's why I feel women can attain enlightenment more easily than men.

If you seek to change your life and attain enlightenment, you must deal with these questions. If there is no truth in this, then ignore these silly words.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heart Command

I'll give you fair warning, this blog is an emotional process that I have been devoting my inquisitive scrutiny to. So if that interests you, read on.  Before I go into that check this out... UFO sighting in Missouri  This was the evening of Winter Solstice '10.  I was meditating in my bedroom and I had a strong knowingness that a familiar craft was over my house.  If you'd like to know more about UFO's, I have had some pretty good experiences with them but there are sooooo many all over the web.  Check out The Phoenix Lights if you haven't already. 

So its obvious to most of us, on and off the planet, that time, technology, science, encounters with the mystical light of eternity, art, synchronicity, perceived chaos, earth changes and pretty much everything else is exponentially accelerating and quickly coming to a head.  Possibly coming to a head so that it can move into the heart, yes?  It is a perfect incremental expansion; a concise unfurling of the ancient mystery of the future now and the evolution of a sentient species.  Have you noticed any specific patterns coming up in your interactions?  I have many friendships in Kansas City that are specifically keyed to interacting at the level of emotional processing.   Many of the conversations I have naturally flow in that direction and so I naturally flow with them.  Sometimes I guide these conversations and expand on a personal level through them.  Other times I dip out because it can sometimes be a hindrance to continually process the same feedback loops.  That feedback loop is of no help to me or the individual I am interacting with, so an occam's razor is always my ideal choice of tact.

Whether inadvertently or by direct intent, healing on a sacral chakra/sexual level has begun to spiral out around me.  I have been working with that particular energy and had some repressed memories come up that put me in touch with my definitions of integral sexual expression.  I had compartmentalized many shameful and difficult to look at sexual experiences from my childhood.  The various sexual archetypes spread across a vast dimension of our collective consciousness and require a lot of awareness to advance as a whole species and move beyond (and with) the lower chakras.  Of course, there are individuals who have done the work and have no charges around the subject of sex.  However, I feel you will intuitively nod in agreement that the majority of humans have blocks in those areas of their causal and energy bodies.

So blessed am I to fully receive these messages from God, dreamtime, in such a way that I feel relentlessly curious and light about my explorations into my blocks and charges.  Many of my girlfriends are experiencing the illumination of strong attachments to sex and romance.  Something I do cultivate in myself through being present with emotional-sexual charges is a healthy vested allowing of relationships to fall into their perfect place, energy and timing naturally.  I re-mind myself continually to keep tidy my inner space on this subject.  I do not exert myself energetically or more specifically I do not try to analyze my interactions through the mind.  Allow me to linger into a story that illustrates for me one of the most powerful personal lessons on the subject.

This story is about my friend of many linear years, but our interactions are few and far between.  Our run ins are always short, sweet and mysterious.  We keep in touch occasionally through digital interfacing, because he lives in another state (literally in all senses of the word).  I had always admired this man's art as I view him as an essential pioneer in the evolution of the mind and spirit.  One fine evening in midst of a warm summer scent, I entertained him to pay my couch a visit after a show he played in town.  I had no preconceptions and no plans to invite him over that night, but it was late and my house was just down the road.  We met again and again as new since the story goes that we had always eluded one another.  In the spirit of pure friendship and a mutual appreciation, we sat, laughed and talked about the dreams, the magic, the trials and the tribulations of being on the planet at this time.  We spoke thousands of remembered moments sliced into fathomless spacetime particles into the delights of polyamorous equations and unconditional sharing of oneself in the light of sacred vulnerability. No notion did I have up to that moment of sharing such an intimate synergy with this being, but like a magnet, I felt my heart and sacral chakra light up as I sat in symmetry to this man.  My mind usually comments behind the scenes, but it had not even gone there.  I sat in the line of his gaze and a surge of warmth expanded in my chest.  It powerfully surprised me because I hadn't expected this attraction at all. He then respectfully asked me if he could just kiss me.  In a pure lucid moment, we drew close together and our tongues and lips meshed together with such gentile honoring.  There was no sense of a sexual impulse taking over as we kissed and it became clear to me that my heart had been the facilitator in the entire interaction.  How often had the act of kissing alone held such sanctity and holiness?  I wondered if I had ever experienced anything as pure as this magnetization to an embodied masculine creature.  In a timeless glue, we peeked through the window blinds to a sun having risen and the passing of several seemingly instantaneous hours.  I retreated to my bedroom feeling, full and glowing within.  He left town that next day and I haven't seen him since.  I continually draw power upon that moment and remember it well when I interact with the embodied divine masculine.  For me, there is absolutely no logic or reason to think myself into being attracted to someone.  This taught me how to be in the presence of the heart's desire and to follow the energy, not to lead or suggest it. A lesson that is applied on all areas of my life.

So there exists the need for a slight degree of deliberation here.  A gentle touch and a willingness to be a warrior, to look at oneself in complete honesty and integrity.  It is crucial to make the distinction between a heart centered alignment and a sexual urge that arises from an other-than sacred honoring.  Both are fine, but what is it that you truly desire?  Does one need sex so much that it will convince itself to fall for someone?  What measure of love can be experienced when the ego takes control in the name of lust?  Please don't think that you don't know it when it happens either.  I've played that card and its gotten me more of the same.  I'm not buying it anymore cause I'm saving up for the good stuff.

Thanks for tuning in.  Its a vast subject in which I have a lot to learn and a lot to teach.