Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Natural Frequency

If one studies the language of a civilization, then they might gain great insight into the way that world is structured.  I am tackling the beautiful beast that is Latin (via Rosetta Stone).  It's not so much that I'd like to speak Latin with other humans on this planet, although that will be part and parcel of its mastery.  As I understand it, Latin is the mother of most languages and may just illuminate what it is I am seeking, although I don't really know or even pretend I will know until I know.  It's a proverbial Mt. Everest that I'm honored to enjoy the journey climbing.  Part of my known interest in this endeavor is that of training for future missions involving other civilizations and first contact scenarios.  As an earth human with the native tongue of English, it will probably serve to focus on the correlation between Latin and English, as it is the primary communication in Western culture.  How that all formulates and ties together is a mystery to me, and truly its something I'm up for grounding in a practical and spiritual way.

Though I haven't the slightest clue whats in store for me in this, I trust my intuition enough to take action and let the rest unfold.  It has occurred to me that when, not if, but when I am involved in these contact missions, I will transcend language all together.  First mastery, then transcendence.  Which brings in the reality of telempathy and its key role in this equation.  English is a very 3D expression.  Kudos to this sentient race though, because we sure know how to rock it to the fullest!  2010 is proof of that.

I'm also spiraling out in pretty much all of my spare time on Photoshop tutorials and creating digital art from "scratch".  It'd be super delish to create magi pieces on the regular.  So that's something you might enjoy if you tune in more.  All feedback is welcomed, please and thank you.  *bow*

Sempiternitus affectus ad iste.  Eternal love to you....

*Art by George Atherton (

Interdimensional Voyeurs of Sexuality, part I of series

Excerpt from a series I am writing...

We are an interdimensional collective of voyeurs of universal sexuality.  Through agreement in this moment, we recall the story of Now and we gather at the edges of a human physicality.  Soberly intent upon a reawakening of ancient stories, meant to play out continuity in the dawning of the Satya Yuga.  We rest our attention on a king-sized landscape of white linen, upon which is a female specimen, roiling in the heightened vibration of pleasure with her male counterpart.  We watch with suspense and a strong urge to burst forth into their density. We observe them with excitement building inside us.  Hundreds of luminous tendrils of energy twist and tighten between his solar plexus and her sacral.  And the story picks up exactly where we left off.  Our entrance onto the scene will spark a new dimension of sexual magic to be re-explored.  

Pure, sacred, true, electromagnetism is cycling between the two bodies in a fierce figure eight through each channel of chakra.  He heaves her senses with a fine tuned ripple of joy by oily penetration of her ripe vesica piscis.  He towers with power over the organic feminine sculpture.  A doorway will be opened now through the heart, yet another entrance to the tesseract of multidimensionality.  We send suggestion that his attention be placed on her heart chakra.  Their eyes dilate and lock in the intensity of their parallel simultaneous incarnation connections.  

With his arm behind her lower back, he ravenously pulls her body up to meet his high perched stance on strong knees and sculpted thighs of beautiful masculinity.  With her head falling back toward the support of a bed below, he maneuvers her hips to envelope his hard phallus slowly to the base.  Her root chakra pops, and a wave of kundalini vibrates all the way up to her crown. This sends a wave of contortion and sensual pulsations of her tightening yoni.  Repeatedly now, he pumps her with primal friction and focus, and the luminosity of their combined energy grows and builds.  A blending of physical body with erotic emotionality occurs and the veils begin to disintegrate and dissolve, leaving a complete open channel for raw life force to flow through.  As they ground deeper, they expand exponentially; the more primal energy they bring into the now, the more cosmic geometry flows into the here.  

We sense that our presence is now sensed.  Momentarily, she scans for us in a milky darkness.  She knows we are watching.  We await her beckoning now to co-create sex magic again like we did so playfully in the ancient temples of tantric priest and priestess.  An invitation is received, and the doorway to their dimension unlocks and spreads open its sexy spiritual legs.  We enter and begin the sequence of unfolding...