Friday, January 20, 2012


SR-015 Critical Beats vs. Govinda by Street_Ritual

a thousand petaled story
with a million and One variations
each and every time we bring ourselves back to these jungles
of the wildish co-creator hood (icaros to the frogs and cicadas)
the wheel turns, the sphere learns
to sing the bones awake.

feetbare omniscient oil in ancient soil,
upgazing the story traced in the sky
the big bang at first kiss
that never disappointed the lips of the prime creator
a quasar burned bright and fast
just like the life of an embodied sage
right in Time with the sun worshippers

maybe its time to pack it up and move to sirius
leave this story in the mud to ferment and bud,
become lava before the Sol of god decides
to repeal its shadow against the stargate
and then again maybe i'll stay a while...
be like water, benefitting all
obstructed by neither death nor numinous stone

just alchemy
just tide
just immortality
just life

get my kicks in the dream of a universe forgotten its name
are the masters of limitation finally ready to call it a night?
to call in the morning, awake to inevitable stars in the belly

they will call and god is always a yes,
unless... its a no-thing-ness...
and then we will just rest with the best
excuse me while i undress
and digress...
into a cerulean sea...
sipping on brevitea
on serentea, eternitea
on infinitea and divinitea...
now THATS the sacred blend...

prostrated before the mirror,
laughing on reverb, the echo is heard

the shivakti shaktiva rises up
the crown shakes, the ocean floor vibrates,
the nebula surges, the shaman purges,
and before anything ever happened, i was unnamed
and after everything happened, i remained

-aluna verses-

Thursday, January 5, 2012

a cozy detox thus far in 2012. all i can seem to do is satisfy myself with the perfect balance. from the gnarly to the fantastic dreamrealms (what is good or bad?) to the unrelenting propulsion to feed high doses of spring water lion's mane and reishi to the once intellectual candy now ordained as regal rubbish at the bottom of my throne... all eye am is a poem to the moon, living vicariously through a future me by the sea, a lover with a thousand stories to play on a cello in C sharp. when the judge ceases, the crown appears and a majestic bow to the currents of impermanence is all the doing i can handle..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

dvine archetype architect

i am soothed & swooned by the percolating memories of other now moments. in a recent aya journey through the eye of the needle, i real-eyes-ed that i have been the architect of my world, building on anciently designed realities. just last night in a sleeping dream, i was fully conscious of the magnitude of my appreciation for physical architecture. and even as i take a break from a netflix redezvous into "future by design" to write this, i am synchronized with the theme. interactive synthesized synchroni-cities.

i was reflecting on the things i said i wanted to do with my life when i was around 10 years on this planet and an aHa came over me with a resounding duhhhhhh... i had it that i wanted to work with animals. my sister said she wanted to be a veterinarian. i was so excited by this potential partnership. as i looked through these memory archives i realized that it wasn't the nature of the business that got me excited at all. it was me sitting with her, drawing out the building design of our "future business". i drew underground tunnels and massive structures (as if veterinarians need a high rise). i recall the giddy up it gave me clearly and it just makes so much sense, given my recent dream adventures into different kinds of futuristic cities with incredible alien structure and sexy curvy sacred geometrical integrity.

it was brought up again two nights ago when a friend was talking about owning a house. i said that if and when i have a house of my own, i'd like to design one out of living growing trees over many years and guide them to weave within a hexagonal domed structure so that the walls were living breathing gaian allies pumping my family with ionic calibration. didn't even skip a beat. spring fed and sustainable. ohhhh the excitement!!

to the point! i invite YOU to explore the things you said you "wanted to be when you grow up" and see how that plays into your joy now. and share what you find in the archives of your mind!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

going direct.

Its been a while since I really shared anything with my community in this way. My energy focus has been flowing in a multitude of directions, split like a waterfall and inevitably plummeting by natural force into integration. I've taken more transformational blows in this interlude from writing than ever. And....

The part of me that craves significance wants to share all about the happenings and lessons I've absorbed. But there is a subtle and more powerful voice resounding that's reeling to stream my joy of being in the present moment. I am sitting here listening for what to write with eyes closed. All ten fingers coming together to form an egyptic mudra of no origin. Its saying to me that our "overcoming challenges" stories are based in a past tense view of the future. So if there is no challenge in the present, then there's no story to attach to.

Story in the sense of who we think we are, rather than who we actually are.

I'm no Eckhart Tolle (or am I?) but the present moment is the golden ticket to joy. Joy is the re|present|ative of the high self. "But I've failed at being mindful before. It's an elusive reality. Only monks are that mindful. Why even try?" Oh, thank you. That's exactly whats in the way of being now|here focused. (It will tell you if you will listen.) So, mindfulness as a concept is grasping at the past tense view of the future. Mindfulness as a reality exists only in the present moment and you've got to be here for it.

Keep her busy with research and figuring stuff out so she doesn't run off with her joy again and leave me alone.

Oh, thank you. So that's whats in the way.

We made a deal and I'm an honest ego. But I think you'd like to see me out of a job, and that's not going to fly. Eradication of the ego. Psshhh. Go ahead and try it.

Oh, thank you. So that's whats in the way.

And the chatter goes on... I don't make the assumption that I will one day be free of the ego completely (in this body). Its just that it has no hold on my state of being when I clearly listen. In Landmark, we distinguish that people talk excessively because they don't feel heard. Some of my "spiritual" friends say eradicate the ego. My tribe and I say give the dog a bone and be on with it. Essentially, we want to re|present our commitment of unconditional love to the ego for the service it provides. So listen and bless it.

Mercury goes direct in 23 minutes.

Oh, thank you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

a glorified account of a weekend in hot springs, arkansas

posted up in a half cocked fedora, smooth leaning against my fav mama tree in the yard of my suburban home-slice... the luna sends her blessings for an adventurous weekend. a maroon car pulls up with conviction into my neighbor's driveway. my gaze returns to the velvet star jeweled sky. brought back to earth by the cheesy ringtone of the day, "we're here." "you're in the wrong driveway." "HA." We were teamKC ready to rock the stargate in the AR crystalline playground, aka Ouachita Mountains.

8:30PM departure, team KC headed south on the steel breeze with adorable 4G.iKatie on navigation, charismatic Casey Burge our pilot, Sunshine Word Medicine representin the lavendar sacred smokes and witty rhetoric; we rocked the coast to coast AM frequency a majority of the trip, mapping our favorite constellations and telling stories which fed into conversations of the space-friend and shaman-dream flavor. my intentions to flirt with them all weekend were easily stated and set. arrival at campsite numero uno, 3AM. the crescent moon bares her sexy pale silhouette through the rippled skylake cloud cover and we scan the earth for the perfect degree of "tent cush". the guardian of the grounds, a black house cat pummels me to welcome. coming down from the tobacco buzz while simultaneously growing wings from DMT release, i settle into the nest, whispering dream stories to my partner in prime, katie aaron. a man in the tent next to us snores loudly and i realize that he couldn't be anything other than a giant white lion sent to serenade me to sleep. my truth. giggle fits arise when our tent is repeatedly walloped by some unknown creature. perhaps its a skunk... perhaps its don Juan... perhaps its my friend 'The Night Spirit'... soon to find out in the shadow it cast it is the guardian cat, come to play with the newly arrived.. that or she's got a few screws loose. while she did gymnastics off the tent, archangels sat sentinel in all directions for the remaining moments of the majestic milky way crowning of my hemisphere. a dream close encounter with a glowing grapefruit-sized rainbow colored spider, trickling venom made of white light onto my forehead cause me to jump awake followed by another timely tent "attack".

awake again at 11:08AM, exit into direct sunlight 11:11AM, naturally. my spider skin melted overnight; my human absorbing vitamin D skin cloak: confirmed and fully operational. the slumbering ones suckle the last drops of REM and I go deep ujjayi style with surya namaskaras to Amun Ra, the sun god, as he takes mighty steps across the sky, dissolving my thoughts in his superconscious rays. as i lie in shavasana, team KC is now stirring and huddle 100 feet away and i catch a glimpse of their revolving conversation about semen and its many uses. i put in my two cents about and reverence for the whole magical phenomenon.

next montage at the crystal mine: several hours of maneuvering in the red/yellow peanut butter mud playground, delicately uncovering terminated earth DNA in quartz form. this for me is always a deeply personal sesh with the Mother and therefore a mostly silent retreat into her throes. if staring into the red dirt for hours, (total grounding) a glance up at the greenery would send your eyes into a full gratitude bow for the prolific vibrancy in superman saturation. we got out of there at sunset with a few really dank pieces and extreme satisfaction. a lemurian seed crystal dug out with these 3D hands = multiple synonyms of YES.

we hunt out a new campsite at the whim of our intuition and score a beaut. fire up the soup, throw on an extra jacket & toss the wine bag around for a good slapping. casey burge breaks it DOWN on omnivorous endeavors and de-calcification, which has my excitement probing exploration of the realm of elite animal products (non-factory farm, obviously).

typical of any camping trip in the Alunaverse, cue the rain and it was time to reTreat into the love laden babbling brookside tents. at the bottom of a hill, the water is bound to collect says the keen camper katie. "we're good, my tent is the shiznittle bam." "ok, sure sarah. we'll probably end up sleeping in the car." *wink*

1 hour in, "sarah there's an inch deep puddle of water under the tent" sleepy sarah says "its all gravy baby this tent is on lock". katie waits patiently for me to wake up wet and eager to occupy a dry car. the moment arrives. huge puddles and i am soaked.. diving into the car and humbling myself as i peel off the wet clothes. 30 minutes later, i see in my minds eye a large gray alien standing outside my car door and click, the door pops open and startles me to a comedic level of intensity. sunshine word medicine says unto thee, "hotel, my treat." their tent had also been submarined. the adventures continue. i had premonitioned and shared with the team earlier that day that i had a vision we'd be sleeping in a hotel room that night that came with an occurring thought like "Mmmmm warm dry bed". so as we waded our way to the hotel, even despite my overconfidence in my oh so amazing tent, there was expressedly peaked curiosity at any additional alunaversal predictions.

dreamsphere recall: questioning my friend andrew who passed into spirit a couple years ago about what its like for him there. from the perspective of my dream body, he was nonphysical and linked in telepathically. i ask him to enter my dream, he does. we rejoice in sweet affectionate kisses of a deeply emotional kind. back into this reality, its time to check out and IHOP mingle with the Hot Springs, Arkansas locals. soak up the culture ya know.

next stop and last adventure before returning home: alligator & wildlife petting zoo of the teeny weeny kind. some of the best surprises come in weird strokes of tourist attraction. $6.50 entrance fee. inevitably, we were all bitten and rammed by hungry talkative goats. as i gaze into the humbling emotive eyes of a timid monkey, i am prodded by some existential ancient memory of relation. dozens of alligators are piled atop one another, absolutely dead still. hibernation time. i sit with a 65 year old mama alligator, (of my totem) for the great connect to penetrate me. they wont be fed for another 4 months. we watched the feeding of three giant mountain lions who prowled and hissed, demanding my respect; we admired the regal wild turkeys who fanned their iridescent artful design for us in serenity; and of course, an encounter with my favorite surprise of all, the exalted mystic white-arctic wolf, also of my totem. FYI, all animals were born in captivity and rescued from worser conditions, which made me feel a lot better about supporting the facility.

no wild hot springs were found as the entire area had been totally commercialized by bath houses @ $30 per hr. thanks but no thanks. :) and so i return to my hometown with more spicy adventures to add to the experience. spirit, can i have some more earth please? its built in baby....

Monday, September 12, 2011

re-UP'n the health consciousness factor & recovering some keys of ascension....

ITS FREE- Go outside and put your bare feet on the ground. Done.
Technology if you're around a lot of EMFs (computers TVs cell phones etc)- []
Research- David Wolfe "The Shoe Problem" []

Water:: For me, weighing about 125lbs and doing yoga I drink 2 liters AT LEAST
BEST- Go get your own spring water in BPA free // glass containers []
GREAT- Deionized water, add sea salt for minerals
Research- Daniel Vitalis []
Go swimming, take baths & shower. Be immersed in it as much as possible! This is grounding!

There is so much information out there... Where to begin?
Detox- [] []
Do a Juice Fast []
Cultured Veggies & a Raw Food Diet [great sources are David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Donna Gates, any Longevity Now Conference speakers]

How to- Rama "Focus and Meditation" []

Whatever inspires & moves you, do that. Currently, I am loving (ashtanga) yoga & dance. Many of my friends on the health consciousness ride are into Qigong, Taijiquan, Kung Fu, yoga, dance, aerials silks and running....

This is what I think about and what gets me inspired. I encourage you to do whatever it takes to get in tune with your body consciousness and nourish yourself to thrive

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

invoke the elemental magic of building your fire.

Agua is the strongest yet gentlest force. The language crystal of the great unseen, the geometric assimilator of a flowing cosmic musical. A conduit for the divine lightning strike, grounded by the numinous rock of your existence. The air is unseen shall we see so naturally through it. We do want to know its nature. We do want to question its presence. We do want to shrink ourselves down so small, silent, that we can know what its made of. Its a tricky magic... so transparent that you are fooled. It is the support of your flight, the sustenance of your fire, the breath of your intricate design, the wind of your dreaming. Without the potent oxygen of a pure clean mind, our soulfooting, the pulsing blood of our spirit fire is suffocated. The fireless glow will be missed across the vast night plain. Will you find your way back to your tribe?

Twin rocks, bodies of Earth, by sexual collision with the right bed of tinder to land upon will help to warm us from the inside out. Cozy as it goes. A possible beginning to the journey we begin in the night. It will spark the knowing flame of creation within but listen close to its rumbling. ‘Do not stop here!’ Do not use tinder that is wet with your unbridled emotions, rather stoke the embers with every ancient dance of sacredness you can muster. We can be lit up by the divine lightning that will undoubtedly strike. But we would need to practice the yoga of madness. We need to be crazy enough to go into the storm in warrior pose with a devotional metal rod.

This is a place and time for great polarity, metaphor and mythology. The soil of the biosphere is compromised by chemicals and waters polluted with synthetic antidepressants. The air is fumigated with the wretchedness of choices directed by the unconscious; and yet the world is still ablaze, the oxygen molecule is yet everpotent, and the water is springing up like the force of a million years of labor, birthing and bubbling with ecstatic molecular reminders; and with it comes the ancient soil compressed and dynamic with the richness of life sustaining structure..... as it always will be.