Tuesday, August 16, 2011

invoke the elemental magic of building your fire.

Agua is the strongest yet gentlest force. The language crystal of the great unseen, the geometric assimilator of a flowing cosmic musical. A conduit for the divine lightning strike, grounded by the numinous rock of your existence. The air is unseen shall we see so naturally through it. We do want to know its nature. We do want to question its presence. We do want to shrink ourselves down so small, silent, that we can know what its made of. Its a tricky magic... so transparent that you are fooled. It is the support of your flight, the sustenance of your fire, the breath of your intricate design, the wind of your dreaming. Without the potent oxygen of a pure clean mind, our soulfooting, the pulsing blood of our spirit fire is suffocated. The fireless glow will be missed across the vast night plain. Will you find your way back to your tribe?

Twin rocks, bodies of Earth, by sexual collision with the right bed of tinder to land upon will help to warm us from the inside out. Cozy as it goes. A possible beginning to the journey we begin in the night. It will spark the knowing flame of creation within but listen close to its rumbling. ‘Do not stop here!’ Do not use tinder that is wet with your unbridled emotions, rather stoke the embers with every ancient dance of sacredness you can muster. We can be lit up by the divine lightning that will undoubtedly strike. But we would need to practice the yoga of madness. We need to be crazy enough to go into the storm in warrior pose with a devotional metal rod.

This is a place and time for great polarity, metaphor and mythology. The soil of the biosphere is compromised by chemicals and waters polluted with synthetic antidepressants. The air is fumigated with the wretchedness of choices directed by the unconscious; and yet the world is still ablaze, the oxygen molecule is yet everpotent, and the water is springing up like the force of a million years of labor, birthing and bubbling with ecstatic molecular reminders; and with it comes the ancient soil compressed and dynamic with the richness of life sustaining structure..... as it always will be.

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