Wednesday, March 23, 2011

already Here

if there is any longing left within you
i will drape this body over it
so you cannot deny the warmth 
that encompasses your All... 

if there is still loneliness in your starry skies
i will stand feet bare
take both of your hands
and pull you into That...

it was always meant to be this way
a nation of magi, we are
celestial terrestrial scrolls
of his.tory, my.stery and Is...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

divine design

The nebula shamans invoke light to form by primordial intonation.
Auming and tonguing deep archetypal tunnels of prime creation.

The tones are sentient, oiling omnipotent caverns of human dreaming.
Inhale the source, exhale crystalline spores, the design of radial breathing.

The Milky Way has its say in redefining the silverlining of mastering limitation.
Homogeneous memory, emerging alchemy, seducing a matrix of incarnation.

In a hypnotic cosmic gel, seeking madly to dispel that disorienting smell
that solidifies separation cries, forgetting the One that breathes its shell.

Waking deeper into an earthly dream, longing and shaping as it appears
to be connecting and reflecting linguistic mirrors and spectral spheres.

Dreaming mysticism into the mind, feeling slightly left behind,
its weeping voice seals the choice and becomes the tantra it designed.

-word pie by aLuna, image unknown

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sensitivity, Rituals and Journaling...

So the other night I come home from my second job, having worked all day and night.  My knees weak and feet sore from the dancing, the only thing I wanted to do was land in front of my altar and enter the timeless stream of consciousness before dreamtime.  I walk into my temple to strangely find my meditation altar in the middle of the room, another table flipped upside down, and the sri murthi, pearls and crystals strewn across the floor like they had been thrown. So after a few scenarios flipped through my mind, of which I shall spare you the workings, I realized that there was a new cable running through my room and that it was likely the cable guy's handy work.  I laughed with relief, because, better the cable guy than a gnarly little grey, right?  Thats fun though too...

I decided it deserved a cleansing anyway, so I upgraded the table and cleaned it up real nice like.  I meandered into the basement looking for a large frame for the sri murthi and in the midst of my digging, I found some old boxes with my name on them.  Magnetically and logically so, I found myself sifting through them, these nostalgic reminders of my childhood.  Apparently, I was into time-capsulating my experiences as a little one because I found some old diaries, notes, poetry and stories I had written, beginning most coherently from the 3rd grade all that way up to my junior year in high school.  Third grade was the year my grandmother, who took care of me most of the time, died.  She was a key player in co-sculpting this personality construct.  I sat with all of these memories attached to objects and words until 3am.  I dont remember much of my life before 3rd grade anyway, so that time has yet to reveal its goods to me, but I am assured that I will uncover the deepest of that me when the timing is right and I am ready to re-member.

Anyhow, I pieced together some portions of my personality and how I came to be this Aluna character and did some deep processing.  The first year, I wrote at the end and beginning of every entry "It was a very good day" which I found to be particularly endearing.  In 1996, I wrote a lot about my brother and I am thrilled to see how expressive I was about my emotions.  I wrote in detail about how those experiences felt rather than the mental mechanics that later would take over my entries.  At one point, a very powerful moment, I was connecting deeply with that child and consoling her as she wrote.  She (I) was writing 'I can't forgive him!' over and over for an entire page.  Simultaneously I was deeply releasing and what came with that were tears and a monsoon of emotion.  Lo and behold, I turn the page and ... god I love how timeless we are!  I turn the page and in 1997, my brother had found and read my diary and everything I had written about him.  He, as if speaking directly to me now, wrote Sarah, Please forgive me.  I'm sorry for everything I did to you and anything I will do to you.  And then he drew this picture of me with a beard.  Hahaha....

It continues to be serendipitous and a profound recovery of those portions of myself.  Furthermore, I was later reading over some indian rituals that Sri Amma Bhagavan advise to invoke certain states of awareness.  One of them was actually to clean, arrange and decorate the altar, which is said to invoke a state of super sensitivity.  Let me tell you, since that night I have been a walking water park, crying about everything... I'm a beautiful mess!  I love it!

A few other things I was extremely pleased to read were the stories and the messages therein.  It seems I was highly concerned with the state of "Momma Nature" and suggested that we change everything we do so we can "save her".  I was also aspiring to be "the worlds most graceful dancer" and "to receive the highest education ever!"  This was before I decided that I wanted to live in a Winnebago and travel the world in it.  And these are all still extremely valid.

The point of this long entry, if there is one, is that my reality has reflected to me so many times that writing is healing and it holds and carries much power.  What I observed as the years read on is that I have maintained a softness. This experience allowed me to see in a very real way just how malleable this personality construct truly is.  Of course, there is a shadow side to that recognition, because it can suggest that I am impressionable.  But it also powerfully suggests that I have the ability to shape myself into anything I desire to be.  I'm absolutely certain that this ability is not unique to me, but to all of us.  So what will I do with all of this from this point forward (backward, upward and downward)?  Well, I'll let my story continue to flower and empower me.  It has rekindled my love for writing to myself daily and I encourage you to begin the archiving of yourself as well, whether through written word (handwritten is most powerful in my opinion), video logs, etc.  This is 2011 and it seems there is little time left in the Kali Yuga... These are our stories people!!!  At some point, I realize we will all let go of them, but it is an ancient mystic truth that journaling stores power and it seems also that these are the most powerful times of our lives, of our humanity...  I intend to re-member it ALL.

bowing in the luminosity of your glow...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ides of March

"The Ides of March"

The idea now of this general timing that you have called, in your society, "The Ides of March," though we understand that, technically speaking, it is your 15th; recognize that there is a larger window than just a single day for the phenomenology that is represented by the term, "Ides of March".

Relatively speaking, you can draw a window from about your 12th day of March to your 18th day of March, give or take a day or two on either side, depending upon the year, depending upon the changes that have gone on in your collective consciousness as to the energy that surrounds an approximate midpoint of March 15th.

This gateway that we are referring to is simply the result of your collective consciousness on many different levels, both physiologically and non-physiologically, of course, coming to a certain point of momentum...a certain point in the cycle of the changes and the evolution that goes on within you.

As each and every one of you, individually, begins to explore and investigate certain things and move in certain directions, your collective momentum creates certain energy gates that afford the individuals in your society an opportunity to ride the collective energy of that gate through to another level...through a doorway to another level, another accelerated momentum of yourself.

It is an opportunity, in this Ides of March window, for you to have better assessment about who and what you are, to more precisely clarify who and what you believe yourself to be, who and what you desire yourself to be.

This timing is a particularly, shall we say, important one.  It is like unto the eye of the needle, as you describe it, in that the only way you can really allow yourself to pass easily, without struggle...without pain...without effort, through the eye of the needle, through the transformational, transitional eye of the needle doorway, and to really let go of all the things that don't belong to you, because only you, only the true you...the real you...the natural you will fit through the eye of the needle.  Anything that does not belong will not fit. If you try to bring it with you through the eye of the needle, it will be a struggle, it will be a strain; it cannot fit.

So now is the time for clarification and cleansing, for releasing of those ideas, those belief systems, those patterns, habits, and so on and so forth, that may have been placed within your consciousness by your parents, by your peers, by your society, that do not define the
you you prefer to be, that are not about who you KNOW you really are, in your heart of hearts... to let them go and to redefine and reassess yourself, especially now at this time, because it is SO fortuitous, the momentum that exists right now for high acceleration.

If you are really willing to let go of those things that don't work for you, then this timing is when you can really take advantage of the collective energy of your society that affords you, as we have said...this wave, to ride through the gate, through the doorway, so that on the other side, at the end of this particular timing of cycle, as we have labeled it, you can find yourself truly beginning to function as a new person in a new reality, having let go of those things that have been holding you back...weighing you down.  And find yourself much more highly accelerated, and feeling lighter and seeing more instantaneous manifestation in your lives, keeping things more in the present...more in the now, more immediate...rather than projecting into the future, projecting into the past.

Letting go of those things that don't serve you will help you remain more firmly in the present, and allow you to gather and integrate all your energy in the here and now, so that you can function with more awareness, more consciousness.

This keys into the whole idea of communication to your higher levels of consciousness, other dimensions, other realms...the Infinite, what have you, your guides, it doesn't matter, the angels, as you call them, it doesn't matter.

This keys into your ability to have clearer communication within your self and with all levels of consciousness.  The idea that you so often call prayer, though you do not have to use that term, (this does not have to be focused in what you call a religious connotation), but just because you utilize that term, we are utilizing it now to demonstrate and describe, to symbolize what we are discussing.

Prayer...when you pray, when you communicate with the Infinite, when you communicate with more of yourself, when you communicate with your guides, or whatever it is you wish to label that you are  communicating with, it is is is KEY, that you remember that prayer must be IN THE PRESENT.  And what this means is this, everything...everything that you desire, everything that you want that is really representative of your truth, your natural self...your true excitement...your true joy, everything that you would say that you would ever wind up getting in your life, you have already been given. It may be invisible to you at the moment, but you have already been given everything!

Creation was a singular act, it all exists in one moment, time is your illusion in physical reality, but creation is a singular act, and everything that you believe you might some day get, you actually already have right now.  You've all been given everything that is your true hearts desire...EVERYTHING.

So when you pray and ask for something, recognize you do not need to ask to be given something you don't have.  When you pray you are asking for assistance to see that you have already been given it.

Once you have the assistance to see that you have already been given what you are asking for, that means your vibration then equals that idea, that reality...that experience...that gift.  And once you equal the vibration of that gift, it becomes visible to you, it becomes, as you say, manifested in your reality. But it isn't that it is actually manifesting as if it wasn't there; it's just that you have learned to see what has always been right here, right now, more clearly.

Because you have everything...EVERYTHING you could ever want, it has already been given to you, there is nothing outside of you, there is nothing beyond you, there is no outside, there is no beyond. Everything is here and now, but in various states of visibility and invisibility, depending upon the frequency that you are operating on, and that means the belief system, the definitions that you buy into most strongly.

That's what allows you to perceive various aspects of the one reality that is all right here.  When you learn more clearly to shift, to tune your frequency, to match that which you desire, then you will see that it has always been right here, and you will know that you have always contained it, and you will then experience it as so.

And again, as we have said, the way that you can more easily allow yourself to learn how to tune in this way, is to let go of those things that don't belong to you, let go of those definitions that don't work for you.  Don't insist on holding on to them, they will only hold you back like baggage you don't need.  Lighten up...lighten your load, and you will experience more enlightenment.

Now, also, as we have discussed recently, just an interesting idea...just an interesting suggestion, just an interesting technique. This is a little bit, what you call in your language, tongue in cheek, nevertheless, sometimes doing something in a playful way can actually have profound impact and affect in your life.  And so what we have to share with you, what we have to suggest to you is this idea, play with it however you wish.

If you find that you are more practiced at being afraid in life than being joyful...than being trusting...than being certain, if you find you are more practiced, that it more automatically comes up that you are afraid of something, then go with your strengths and be afraid that you will be a total success.  Because your fear, in attracting negativity to you, can, as the strongest energy within you, be used to attract what you want as well.  So, go with your strengths.

If you find that you believe that you must make sacrifices in life, then sacrifice the things that don't work for you and watch them dissolve. Let yourself sacrifice those things instead of sacrificing what you prefer. You can use the same mechanism for the things that you don't need as well as the things that you do.  Play with that idea and see what happens.

As you do so you will generally find that you will learn why you were motivated to focus and choose the things you don't REALLY prefer, and how you can be motivated to choose the things you do prefer. Because everything is a motivation, EVERYTHING that you do.

As we have said many times, remember... there is no such thing as a lack of motivation, there is no such thing as a lack of trust, you're always trusting in something, the question is what are you trusting in.  You are always motivated, you are always choosing something, the question is why are you motivated to choose something that you believe isn't really working for you.  Remember, if you're not doing the thing you want to do, it is not because you're not motivated to do that thing, it's because you are motivated to do something else.  Find out why.

When you understand the motivational reasons you have created in your mind, for why you choose to do what you do, why you choose to stay where you stay, why you choose to behave the way you behave, why you choose to be where you are, then you will understand how you can change the definition. And you will, by changing the definition, change the feelings and the motivation concurrently, because everything is connected to the strongest definition, the strongest belief you have about what you think is possible in life.

And once you change your definition...your motivation is automatic in the direction of the strongest belief...the strongest definition. It's as simple as that.  Remember, this is not philosophy...this is physics. Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way. This is physics.