Saturday, September 18, 2010

Travel Journal: A Retrospective Recap

So I've just returned from two months in Guatemala and Mexico. Traveling parts of Central America was as exhilarating as it was shocking. I was sick on many occasions from the food and the mosquito bites in the jungle. Most of my fellow American travelers that were used to a “Standard American Diet” had no health issues.  I decided that I’d adapt and flow with the culture by eating the way they do.  No meat, but I did put aside my vegan preference for the sake of experience.  What I didn’t really put aside though was my negative judgment.  That was the ultimate doozy.  In transparency and retrospect, the food only made me sick because of my definitions of the quality.  The parasites that my body had not yet built an immunity to were playing a part and doing an intense heavy metal and chemical detox before I left Kansas also left me quite sensitive, in my opinion.  Not weaker, just more sensitive. 

When on the go with only a backpack and a new destination every few days, things get really interesting. There is no such thing as a comfort zone, so you're really forced to put yourself out there, meet people, break language barriers and express. If you haven't already, you learn to really stand your ground because there are some prejudgments about Americans (shocking huh?). So diving into a new cultural psychic sea that I didn’t know a lot about with no refined intention to form my own beliefs separate from others, I naturally - as we humans often do - adopted them at a subconscious level.  I did find that while in Central America, being a telempathic human, I had to do routine cleaning out of belief systems.  (I've come to find that this is a necessary ongoing process for me in my path) When I heard things that did not represent my preferred view of the culture, I just went within and intended to neutralize the statements at a subconscious level.  Not doing this, on occasion, got me into a few “hairy situations” as it were.  But I was able to reclaim my lucidity and bring things back to bliss with the right dose of recognition and remembrance.  

Being back in the states is reintegrating, but I feel like I'm sinking into a comfort zone and what I’ve discovered through experience is that there's really not a whole lot of growth in that state of mind. So I'm leaving Sedona, AZ on Monday for the next adventure, which is a job at an organic farm doing only god knows what.  For my last couple days here, I am redesigning my permission slips (tools we use to reach desired states of being) and recharging my energy for the journey ahead, behind and ongoing.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Preparing for contact.

Downloads that wanted to feel their digital skin after soaking in my journal for so long. Thanks for making contact and in-joy my first blog as Lucid aLuna!

Ever heard the saying “Everything happens for a reason.” ? It’s something the elders in my family have always said. It’s painted onto wall hangings in my grandmother’s house, printed on magnets in my friends’ dorm rooms and plastered across facebook as a 'fave quotation'. It’s a traditional saying that lightly illustrates the idea of synchronicity. For me, synchronicity is the divine orchestration of events that lead us spectacularly and artisticly to our true selves. It’s as poetic as you can get in physical reality because it is reality, which is art. There is no-thing that exists outside of synchronicity. You are synchronicity. This is a way of conceptualizing our nature as purposeful creators, and it is a profound truth that many of us are beginning to really grasp (including myself). We have begun to de-compartmentalize ourselves, which is why we are beginning to recognize more and more synchronicity. These compartments of self are traditionally labeled as the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. The unconscious still exists without your needing to know it and is experienced by that aspect of you and by others at that level. I like to imagine that our unconscious selves are meditating with one another, silent, patient and unjudging. Our subconscious selves are having a literal heart to heart; connections made here are often through sexual expression, music and symbols. All the while our conscious, ego minds strive and occasionally succeed to connect through language and intellect. Eventually we will not experience the compartmentalization, but its going to take some work (and play). I feel its important to see that it is not our subconscious or unconscious that needs to morph and expand themselves into the conscious mind. It is your conscious mind, ego, that will integrate itself into the unknown aspects of you that already exist. These aspects are your eternality. Your knowingness. It is incongruous and humorous that our ego minds consider the unconscious to be the unknown. While yes, to the ego mind the unconscious is by definition unknown, that which is eternal and part of you already is this knowingness. Oh the paradoxes…

Because we are now integrating our conscious minds more into our whole selves, it is important to look at the eminence of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Actually, contact is already occurring in your own colloquial backyard; rearing its marvelous head whether “you” like it or not. I speak from personal experience, but mine is not what is important for you. If you are reading this, and you obviously are, you are probably having contact with ET’s. Yep, its confirmed. Take it like a hu-man. What does this have to do with compartmentalizing shelves of selves? Most beings of extraterrestrial civilizations experience all aspects of us at once because they themselves are integrated. Some of them aren’t even aware of the separations we impose upon ourselves, so this makes it challenging to interact with us when our conscious minds are saying one thing and the rest of us another. For them it is like trying to have a relative conversation with (forgive my analogy because I love you deeply) a mentally insane patient. So whether your ego chooses to look at it now or later makes no difference to the inevitability that we are for sure, with 100% full on certainty, going to become members of an intergalactic alliance in this lifetime. Can you feel that energies are accelerating? The longer you wait to integrate, the more “stuff” you will have to sift through at a faster rate. Don’t procrastinate! (OK, sorry for the bad rhyming scheme, I’ll stop that) These are the preliminary finals friends. Begin now so that you can ease into your role as an Earth Ambassador and make it look like you know what you’re doing.

My friend Heather shared a very simple and profound idea with me the other night. She said “Ya know… What’s really great about all this is when you can get that you already know all of these things you are ‘learning’. For instance, when Bashar (or any enlightened teacher of your preference) says something that you understand as true, you think ‘Ah YES! That makes so much sense!’ and the reason is because you already know this stuff! If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to identify with it.” So, if you didn’t know it already, you might just simply skim right by the idea without making any connection. Everything you have read that ever struck a chord did so because you already knew it. This is how powerful you are. Simply sit with that one and try not to feel your power. I dare you.

On a very basic physics level, it is impossible to experience something outside of yourself. As Bashar says, the key to shifting into the fifth dimension “is to realize that you are the reality that you previously thought you existed in.” Let’s play with another simple metaphor. To your integral self, being physical reality is as easy as breathing is to your physical body. I hear some of you smart asses (forgive my crudeness, I’m just playing lightly with words) saying, ‘Well what about people that need a breathing apparatus to survive?’ Nice job in getting it so quickly. Your mastery is undeniable! That question itself illuminates the symbolic manifestation of how we externalize our innate abilities through creating denial of our natural selves. This is why there is so much emphasis on the idea of remembering who we are. My friends, this remembrance is not just a poetic expression. This is the task at hand. And, in my experience, it would be a bit too utopist to say that it’s easy. (Sorry denim dan, keep up the good work!). But, as Zen Master Rama emphasizes, it is much easier than perpetuating the illusion. Most of us chose to be here on the planet now for the experience of remembering our power. “So I know everything because I am everything, but hey... Wouldn’t it be a rockin’ good time to take a vacay from my omnipotence, hit up Earth around, oh lets say 2012, and rediscover my mega awesomeness?” Okay, so that’s not really how it goes down for all of us, but are you getting the download? Everything you are reading you already know. Let's re-emphasize… There is nothing that you can learn that you don’t already know. In fact, you wrote the book! You created these concepts!! Nice work...

So, on that same thread… get this. You truly cannot recognize something in this reality that you don’t contain. For example, you can look at a mountain and feel its majesty. You can look at a woman and appreciate her beauty. You can have honey and taste its sweet exquisite rapturous divinity. (Um, can you tell I’m partial to honey?) You can observe an act of compassion and appreciate humanity. You can on the other hand, observe rigidness in modern industrial methods. You can perceive ugliness in the idea of a parent abusing their child. You could also feel harshness for someone being aggressive with you. You can have the experience of giving your power away to people you put on a pedestal. The key here is that if somewhere in your psyche, you did not already contain the majesty, the beauty, the idea of ugliness and even the capacity to abuse etc, then you would not even have the ability to conceptualize it. Look at how you define your experiences, and you will get great insight into where you are with integrating your consciousness. Your integral self is already being the person you want to be and having continuous unfoldings of ecstasy, samadhi and unconditional love with beings you aren’t even aware exist (sometimes in your bedroom, late late at night. Hehehe, sorry, I just had to play with you a bit... But I’m serious. Really.)

You have the intuition to seek out the tools that will get you in touch with yourselves but if you like, I can share the ones I resonate with on a personal basis. Just flip me a little email. I’m not saying you have to do any of this work. You can do whatever you choose, that is the beauty of it. But if you were to just try this out… to choose to see your reality as your creation, its guaranteed by All That Is that you will begin to breathe easier, deeper and with an unparalleled feeling of ecstasy for who you are and what you’ve come here to experience. You will, no not maybe… you WILL begin to re-member that you are a master in reality creation and that you have galactic family that far extends your planetary sphere. Personally, I Am Love - subsequently embracing my mysterious shelves of selves and putting them on display for the association of worlds!

You know light is, because it is you. You know darkness is, because it is you as well. You get to choose which you identify with more in this dreamworld you’re sculpting… But don't you agree that the darkness has been played out? Come on lovelings, lets get sirius and play with ourselves! ;)

Over and Out,