Sunday, December 18, 2011

dvine archetype architect

i am soothed & swooned by the percolating memories of other now moments. in a recent aya journey through the eye of the needle, i real-eyes-ed that i have been the architect of my world, building on anciently designed realities. just last night in a sleeping dream, i was fully conscious of the magnitude of my appreciation for physical architecture. and even as i take a break from a netflix redezvous into "future by design" to write this, i am synchronized with the theme. interactive synthesized synchroni-cities.

i was reflecting on the things i said i wanted to do with my life when i was around 10 years on this planet and an aHa came over me with a resounding duhhhhhh... i had it that i wanted to work with animals. my sister said she wanted to be a veterinarian. i was so excited by this potential partnership. as i looked through these memory archives i realized that it wasn't the nature of the business that got me excited at all. it was me sitting with her, drawing out the building design of our "future business". i drew underground tunnels and massive structures (as if veterinarians need a high rise). i recall the giddy up it gave me clearly and it just makes so much sense, given my recent dream adventures into different kinds of futuristic cities with incredible alien structure and sexy curvy sacred geometrical integrity.

it was brought up again two nights ago when a friend was talking about owning a house. i said that if and when i have a house of my own, i'd like to design one out of living growing trees over many years and guide them to weave within a hexagonal domed structure so that the walls were living breathing gaian allies pumping my family with ionic calibration. didn't even skip a beat. spring fed and sustainable. ohhhh the excitement!!

to the point! i invite YOU to explore the things you said you "wanted to be when you grow up" and see how that plays into your joy now. and share what you find in the archives of your mind!

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